About Venture Turf

Company Profile

Venture Turf Management, Inc. is a Class A contractor and sWaM certified. Our roots were planted over 35 years ago in the golf course management business and has since sprouted to include many more aspects of landscape care and maintenance. With our company background founded in the technical knowledge of the golf business, our managers all possess turfgrass degrees, and continue their education through experiential learning classes. This insures that our best management practices are on the cutting edge. By separating our personnel in to four departments, we are not only able to schedule and finish our projects in a timely manner, provide the necessary resources to provide technical support long after the job is complete.

Commercial grounds maintenance is our main stay industry. We have experience in maintaining golf courses, apartment complexes, residential dormitories, as well as, municipal sites. We offer a wide variety of grounds maintenance options to match your specialized needs. We are not a mow, blow and go company; we pay attention to detail and customer service.

We are proud to say we go beyond just the planting and maintenance of the land, we also offer water management with our customized irrigation systems. We specialize in commercial and residential install, repair and service. We are the Authorized RainBird Specialist in Virginia.

We offer an annual six-step program that was developed by local experts to ensure the health and beauty of your turf. Our chemical department customizes the program to each individual property with a complete analysis of the soil and turf.

The company currently has 34 full time employees spread throughout the departments. As need be, personnel is added to accommodate the contract needs department wide. Venture Turf Management, Inc. is committed to customer service during all phases of contracted contracts and projects; we pride ourselves on a job well done.

SWAM Certified #660626 Class A Contractor #2705 114449A
National Irrigation Certified Irrigation Contractor #104071