Pricing Policy

In an effort to streamline our irrigation department, to better server you, we will no longer be offering service contracts. Spring Start and Fall Shutdown price will be reduced to $80.00 per service. The cost of the spring start up covers the first hour. If service beyond the first hour is necessary it will be billed at the rate of $80.00 per hour in fifteen minute increments. All service calls will be billed at $80.00 per hour.

What exactly goes on during a start up?

During a start up our technician pressurizes the irrigation system to make sure there are no leaks. Next they run through each zone to make sure the electrial and hydraulic components ar working properly. This includes valves and sprinkler heads. Issues such as leaks and broken sprinkler heads are repaired at that point. Finally our technician will review your controller programming to make sure everything is set up for optimum efficient watering.

What exactly goes on during a shut down?

During a shut down our technician turns off the water source to irrigation system and runs compressed air through the lines. This evacuates water from the system preventing freeze damage to both above and below ground components. The controller is then placed in the off position for the winter. Any repairs needed at the time of winterization will be noted but not addressed until the spring unless there is an emergency.

Referral Program

Satisfied with our service? Then help us grow. Venture Turf Management Inc. is proud to introduce our referral program. For every customer you refer to us for a service call, you and the new customer receive $20.00 off a service call. If you refer a customer to us for an installation you will receive one free service call.

Any customer that has had any work done by us in the past calendar year will receive a letter when it is time to call for your irrigation start up and shut down. We will begin starting up systems in 2015 at the beginning of April.